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I've helped venture investors, corporations, and startups manifest breakthrough growth and reach new heights. As a seasoned venture practitioner, I provide strategic and innovation expertise and I have a knack for driving highly ambitious transformations that are unorthodox in nature. I bring a comprehensive understanding of the venture space and the innovation subject matter in the region. I am also the founder of Amplifier, a Web3 platform aimed at transforming the music industry and ushering it into the next iteration of the creative economy.


Plan, Execute, Excel

Elsherif is a seasoned accelerator of success, having propelled 45 early-stage startups to new heights. He's a seasoned trainer and mentor, imparting wisdom to 100+ startups and offering guidance to 300+ more. With an eagle eye for potential, Ahmed has sourced and screened an impressive 1000+ startup pitches. He's managed 6 accelerator programs, established a thriving VC and venture studio, and teamed up with over a dozen institutions in government, corporate, and development sectors to further their entrepreneurial ecosystem development and startup funding initiatives.

Ahmed boasts a comprehensive and diverse background in the early-stage venture space, having led seed accelerators, founded micro-VCs and venture studios, and driven corporate-startup engagement programs. He's collaborated with top regional and global venture players such as Startupbootcamp, Flat6Labs, and Rainmaking, as well as up-and-coming international VCs and venture studios like Openner.

At the forefront of creating value and fostering momentum between startups, investors, corporates, and government, Ahmed's unique experience places him at the center stage of the startup ecosystem.

And that's not all - when he's not driving startup success, Ahmed is an passionate advocate for the music industry. As the founder of Amplifier, a Web3 artist management and fan engagement platform, he's on a mission to transform the music landscape in the region and foster the next generation of music industry leaders.

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