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Web3 Ideation Sprints

Our 2-day ideation sprints foster a collaborative and creative environment that facilitates collective problem solving amongst teams with the aim of unlocking the widest range of possibilities with a Web3 lens. This process takes participants through a series of activities such as writing prompts and visual mapping exercises, allowing teams to collectively explore the possibilities of Web3 technology, identify potential uses, develop tactics for implementation, and evaluate feasibility before committing to full-scale projects.


We strive to provide forward-thinking businesses with all they need for success in this exponential era. Our engagement model works iteratively – making adjustments based on feedback and changes in the external environment – as we develop toolkits and frameworks tailored specifically to each organization’s needs.

– Ahmed Elsherif

Founding Partner

We develop deep insights that will work for you

By following this process, we create web3 solutions that are centered on the needs of your users and that solve real problems in a creative and effective way.

1. Discover

Define the problem or challenge that you are trying to solve, based on a thorough understanding of your users' needs and pain points.

2. Define

Gather insights about your users and their needs, using techniques such as user research and data analysis.

3. Develop

Generate ideas and create a prototype of your solution. Encourage creativity and out-of-the-box thinking at this stage.

4. Deliver

Test your prototype with users or other stakeholders, gather feedback, and iterate on your solution until it meets the needs of your users and addresses the problem you set out to solve.


Fully Integrated Web3 Strategy

Through our in-depth strategic design engagements we leverage our proprietary framework for developing successful business models within the rapidly changing world of Web3. Our experts guide organizations through every step we’ve developed - from opportunity space mapping to solution design and roadmap implementation, helping our clients establish new pathways for innovation and growth. Throughout the process, we provide best practices on how these roadmaps may be implemented and demonstrate how returns may be maximized while ensuring compliance with all pertinent regulations - all while ensuring users remain at the center of each endeavor. 

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mirai is a forward-thinking consultancy with a clear vision for the future. We help ambitious organizations reimagine their services for a decentralized Web3.

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