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What's is Web3 & Why all the fuss?

We equip stakeholders with the foundational knowledge needed to navigate the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of blockchain. We provide concise and holistic seminars and town-halls that help participants understand topics related to the blockchain ecosystem such as Ethereum applications and protocols, decentralized finance (DeFi), smart contracts and transaction security, digital asset management and more. These sessions help attendees acquire the essential building blocks of knowledge and introduce them to best practices and current trends in blockchain development that they can apply to the reality of their business.


We strive for organizations to become knowledgeable about Web3 so that it may be used successfully in both public and private sectors at scale. With our mix of lectures, workshops, seminars, and upskilling programs, we form an effective bridge between making use of blockchain technologies today—and leveraging them for greater potential tomorrow.

– Ahmed Bassiouni

Founding Partner


Foster A Team of Web3 Experts

Our learning programs are designed for teams, with an emphasis on hands-on experiences, blended learning, and practical applications. We empower organizations to leverage the full potential of Web3 technologies and work with the specific challenges that key stakeholders face on a daily basis. This approach enables organizations to assess projects from technical perspectives while also breaking silos and equip them with the desired skills for on-ground implementation.

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Workshops & Talks

WTF is Web3?

#web3 #first-steps

NFTs & the MetaVerse

#NFTs #MetaVerse

Banking, Fintech & the Future with Web3

#web3 #first-steps #deFI

dAos & dApps

#web3 #first-steps #dApps #dAos

Gaming in the Metaverse

#web3 #first-steps

Web3 Vs IRL MarCom

#web3 #first-steps

Web3 in Leadership


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mirai is a forward-thinking consultancy with a clear vision for the future. We help ambitious organizations reimagine their services for a decentralized Web3.

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