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Unlock the transformative potential of decentralized Web3 technology

mirai is a forward-thinking consultancy with a clear vision for the future. We help ambitious organizations reimagine their services for a decentralized Web3.

We work with clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies to emerging startups in many industries, helping them reimagine their services for a decentralized Web3.

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Jumpstart your Web3 Knowledge!

We offer a wide range of talks, town halls, workshops that, at the end of each session, leave all participants with a profound understanding of the potential of Web3 and the Cryptoverse.

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Strategize for Web3!

The Web3 Stack is growing. Regardless of whether you're looking to capitalize on the potential of decentralized solutions, or if you are already utilizing multiple decentralized solutions, investing in a customized strategy is your best option to succeed with Web3.

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Experience Web3!

Plug and play experiences and applications created specifically for unlocking opportunities within the web3 space; allowing you to engage with users across a number of popular decentralized applications – quickly and easily. 

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Web3 is coming

Web3 is coming, whether you like it or not. Accelerate your progress towards implementing decentralized systems in your organization by collaborating with us as we design a customized strategy that details exactly how to adopt new paradigms that support decentralized systems.


The decentralized web represents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to fundamentally change the way we do business and interact with each other online.

mirai Learn

mirai Learn offers learning solutions for businesses to understand and stay up-to-date on Web3 technologies, including workshops, talks, customized programs, and more.
Our expert speakers provide structured learning opportunities to cover all aspects of the decentralized web.

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mirai Design

mirai Design offers strategic design services to help organizations unlock Web3 initiatives and launch Web3-centric business models. Our experts combine design thinking, industry knowledge, and strategic foresight to craft a roadmap for success in the Web3 space. We offer a range of services, from high-level ideation sprints to in-depth design engagements, customized to meet the specific needs of each organization.

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mirai Experience

mirai Experience offers plug-and-play Web3 experiences and applications to give clients firsthand experience with the potential of Web3. Our team can help businesses quickly engage with users across decentralized applications, providing insight into the benefits of Web3 for their business.

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Your Web3 partners

mirai is more than just a consultancy – we're a partner in your organization's journey to Web3

Our team will work closely with you to identify opportunities, overcome challenges, and drive results.

Ahmed Elsherif

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Ahmed Bassiouni

Founding Partner

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Founding Partner

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Alongside a global network of  domain experts

Omar Younes Mohamed El Haw Hamdy Eleraky Mohamed Makarem

With our team of global experts, you can feel connected and informed no matter where you are! Leverage our global network of professionals to get the best advice, resources, and insight and stay ahead of the competition.

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About mirai

mirai is a forward-thinking consultancy with a clear vision for the future. We help ambitious organizations reimagine their services for a decentralized Web3.

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